My first picture book as author and illustrator was finally delivered to the Flying Eye / Nobrow offices yesterday. It has been a real labour of love and I'm feeling all kinds of emotions handing my baby over to go out into the big wide world. 

My story is about a young polar bear who drifts away from home on a melted ice floe and gets stranded in a strange colourful land. The forest & mountain dwelling animals there have never seen a white creature before and declare him a dangerous invader to their homeland. He is spied on but not spoken to and lives his days out alone and in isolation. Out of leaves and foliage he collects daily from the forest he builds himself a beautiful and clever phoenix like flying costume that he desperately practices with so one day he can fly back home to his family. Throughout the the story we see the intelligent crows take his side and finally rescue him from his hopeless situation. He is a pretty courageous, imaginative and brave polar bear that just needs a little support.

It’s a story about how fear can blind ones sight and about how the kindness shown to a stranger by a few others can change everything. It also touches on prejudice towards refugees in a wider sense and on environmental level points out that the polar bears habitat is compromised.

I LOVE this post by my publisher this morning 🌿🐻🍃💙 #Repost Flying Eye Books


Very special delivery from @sandradieckmann! We 💙 @wetransfer but we also 💙 it when illustrators hand deliver their books, complete with handmade dummy! We can't wait for you all to see it! ðŸŒ¿ðŸ‚🍃🍁


LEAF will be out in June 2017 and is published by Flying Eye Books. MORE SOON!